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6pm - 10pm ST | Fridays

    Welcome to the Afterlife.
    Here we want to give you a soul-escaping experience to keep you from ever leaving.
    "Be wary, wanderer, stay too long in the afterlife and its claws will wrap around you to drag you further down."
    Come down into the afterlife, relax with drinks at our bar or with one of our dancers whose touch are so cold they will send shivers down your spine.

    © Afterlife
    est. 2022-02-25


    Revan Nero

    Race: Au Ra / Elezen Hybrid -Xaela
    Role: Venue Owner
    RP/ERP: Yes/Yes
    Position: Dom (switch with the right one)
    Sexuality: Gay
    Client Preferences: ERP for Males, willing to erotic dance for Females
    Hireable: Yes
    Services: Everything / specializing in man on man contact
    Personal Quote: ”People can take everything away from you, but they can never take your truth… but the question is... can you handle mine?”Character Bio:
    The Founder/Owner of Afterlife, an aspiring Au Ra who left the Azim Steppe at a young age after his mother passed away and was disregarded by his clan, travelling alone to Lima Lominsa he found himself caught in the dark side of town, making a name for himself pick pocketing whoever he could and stealing to survive… yet through all his trials the times change to where he is now! He can be normally found listening to the musical talents of the bards or off on a adventure slaying whatever is in his way. Laying his weapons down for a night to show off his horns, killer body and tail… but…don’t let his cold demeanour fool you, he’s only sweet if you can take the sting!

    Ameena Draven

    Ameena Draven

    **Race: Viera
    Venue Role: Co-Owner and Show Dancer
    RP/ERP: Yes/No
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Client Preferences: N/A
    Hireable: No
    Services Offered: N/A
    Personal Quote:
    "Don't make me hit you with a sandal....lovingly of course ❤️ "
    Character Bio:
    Originally from The Cieldalaes Islands, Ameena spent most of her years training as a Dancer before moving to Limsa Lominsa and learning to deal with the populace and their antics, this is where she met her now non-blood brother Revan Nero. Despite being the youngest of her family, Ameena is rather maternal, often being the mother or big sister member of her friend groups but don't take her soft appearance and motherly instincts lightly, she grew up in a pirate port, so she knows how to spit (figurative) venom.

    Ever Nevermore

    Race: Miqote
    Venue Role: Venue Owner and Designer / DJ Booking Manager
    Personal Quote:
    "Worrying is like paying a debt you don’t owe."
    Character Bio: